Journal articles

Moreno-Casas, Vicente (2023). Technical or political? A reply to Lopes’s (2021) account of the socialist calculation debate from complexity economics. Comos + Taxis 11, no. 5+6: 95-107.

Moreno-Casas, Vicente (2023). What can complexity learn from Misesian economics?. Review of Austrian Economics.  

Moreno-Casas, Vicente (2022). The Austrian School and mathematics: reconsidering methods in light of complexity economics. Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics 25, no 4: 147-175. 

Moreno-Casas, Vicente, Victor I. Espinosa, and William H. Wang (2022). The political economy of complexity: the case of cyber-communism. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 204: 566-580. 

Moreno-Casas, Vicente, and Philipp Bagus (2022). Dynamic efficiency and economic complexity. Economic Affairs 42, no. 1: 115-134.

Moreno-Casas, Vicente (2021). The Harvard-MIT complexity approach to development and Austrian economics: similarities and policy implications. Review of Austrian Economics.

Moreno-Casas, Vicente (2021). Ludwig von Mises as Feminist Economist. The Independent Review: A Journal of Political Economy 26, no. 2: 243-262.

Wang, William H., Vicente Moreno-Casas, and Jesús Huerta de Soto (2021). A Free-Market Environmentalist Transition toward Renewable Energy: The Cases of Germany, Denmark, and the United Kingdom. Energies 14, no. 15: 4659.

Moreno-Casas, Vicente, and Philipp Bagus (2021). The ethics of care and the tragedy of the commons. International Review of Economics 68, no. 4: 405-422.

Moreno-Casas, Vicente (2020). New contributions to the entrepreneurial theory of social and cultural change. MISES: Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy, Law and Economics 8 (May).

Working papers

Under review

Moreno-Casas, Vicente, and Luisa García-Carrión . Institutional decentralization and economic complexity: evidence from panel data. 

Moreno-Casas, Vicente. An alternative notion of competition for the Market Failures Approach. 

Moreno-Casas, Vicente, and Miguel A. Alonso . The role of Kenneth Arrow in the development of complexity economics. R&R. 

Moreno-Casas, Vicente, and Luisa García-Carrión . Neoclassical versus complexity economics: the socialist calculation debate as a clash of paradigms. R&R.

Work in progress

Moreno-Casas, Vicente. Simple rules for a complex world: a broader empirical evaluation.

Koppl, Roger, and Vicente Moreno-Casas. Emergent novelty: Combinatorial evolution as a principle of entrepreneurship research.

Moreno-Casas, Vicente, and Ramon Simonet. The double-edged sword of complexity: Resilience and vulnerability of economies in pandemic shocks. 

Other non-academic works

Moreno Casas, Vicente (2022). Economía de la complejidad: breve introducción a un nuevo paradigma. Printed by the author.  (Short book for a general audience).

Moreno, Vicente, and Alberto Romero (2020). La máquina financiera del expolio: cómo bancos y Gobiernos se lucran a tu costa. Madrid: Unión editorial.  (Short book for a general audience). 

Trabajo Fin de Grado (Bachelor's thesis)

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